Websites... for Business

Sydney website design and hosting service, Pixelated Commerce, puts your business website online in the fastest, simplest, and most cost effective manner - it's our specialty!

Less IS more

When it comes to websites, there was never a truer statement.


For many small businesses, a website need only be an informative calling card – a place online where potential customers or clients can find out what you offer and how to either find, or contact you.


We don't believe in giving you things you do not need.


We listen to you talk about your business, then work with you to develop the best strategy for your online presence, based on your aims.


You do not need all the bells and whistles, a million pages or even a blog to have an effective online presence, so why pay for them?

Doing It... Differently

Having run our own online e-commerce business for 20 years, as well as having worked with online business clients around the world since 1999, we understand the costs and complications of not only getting going but also in keeping up to date and running on a day to day basis.


Pixelated Commerce's turnkey solutions gives you peace of mind by knowing you are fully covered for the all important first year, while you learn the ropes.


Our optional pay by the month system offers all the attention to detail and care of a 100% Sydney based website design service, at rates that do not kill your cash flow.


We specialise in zero fuss!

What Do We Offer?

We have tailored a range of simple to understand packages that fill the needs of the vast majority of small businesses today.


From simple one page ‘calling card’ websites, through to fully scalable e-commerce stores, Pixelated Commerce’s solutions put your business online with everything you need (and more) right out of the box, at no additional cost.

DIY Business

Want to build your own website?

The DIY package is for you.

Business Basics

The essentials of business.

Start small and grow.

Fast Shop

Selling online – our specialty!

Fast, cost effective, professional.

Full Custom

Want something more complex? Maybe you have specific needs for your site?

A custom build on our monthly plan system.

Boutique Website Hosting

You have a WordPress website but need a reliable, hosting solution?

We offer DIY and managed hosting solutions.

Support Packs

Design and technical help,
when you need it.

Simple to understand client support.

WordPress Management

Have a WordPress site but have a hard time keeping on top of it?

We know though for many, keeping on top of the updates, security and various other aspects can be a lot of work, so let us do it for you!

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