Case Study: A client that knows what they want

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One of our strengths lie in the fact that as designers we are ‘not precious’ about what we do. Yes, we like and expect good, clean design but if a client comes along with some firm wants, then we are more than happy to help facilitate and guide them; after all, it’s their website! was one such project.

As professional designers, the crew at BOGear knew what they wanted from their website. What’s more, having designed and built their last website, they knew what they wanted from their next site – a simple, visual narrative using a system that was easy to use and maintain for the long term.

What we did:

Unlike most projects, where we listen to the client talk about their business and online aims, then work to develop a site flow, strategy and finally looking at their assets to determine which to use, BOGear came to us ready to go. With wireframes in hand, text and images selected and a clear idea of what they wanted, it was a matter of taking what they had and working out how to deliver an end product that would meet their expectations.

While on the surface this seems like nothing more than a simple ‘build job’, Pixelated Commerce worked extensively with BOGear to teach them how to use best practice, including what we needed to do to make their site work efficiently on mobile, now and down the track. Beyond the wireframes, we developed template structure that allowed them to easily expand the site, while retaining the image heavy narrative that they were after.

For BOGear, coming to us to rebuild their online presence was as much about learning what was to them ‘next level’ website development, as much as it was about getting a new website.


While BOGear are more than capable of maintaining their own site, they also understand that doing so often takes time that they don’t have. Understanding the need for keeping up to date for both functionality and security, they opted to make use of Pixelated Commerce’s WP Management service to ensure their new site was always running at peak performance.


Within a few months of being launched, BOGear was ready to effect the first site expansion – an online shop. We had them covered!

With the site settled and they themselves comfortable working with it, it was time to add the e-commerce element to their new site. We’d already spoken about the wish list of site features, so when we designed the site we allowed for this sort of expansion, without the need to restructure the site. Adding and setting up Woocommerce became a simple process of identifying how they wanted their shop structured and making it happen for them.

Naturally, we integrated them with Stripe Payments, as we view it to be the most professional and ‘on-brand’ experience for any website.


BOGear has ended up with the exact website they wanted for the next phase of their business. More importantly for the long term, they are confident in being able to manage the site themselves but are also secure in knowing that help is a call or email away, when they run into something they are uncomfortable with.

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