Case Study: A left field website

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Every once in a while a project comes along that is totally left field, defying all the rules of what you should do with a website. UK based Daydream Legion was one such project.

Daydream Legion (DDL) was originally designed and built late 2017, with the very simple aim of being an online repository for a story arc being written and illustrated by an aspiring UK based author; the reasoning – it was better to have an outlet, than nothing at all!

The website we deployed was intentionally simple to fulfill a very basic client brief. The entire focus of the site was strictly on the content, yet the design still had to give the feeling that DDL was a serious concern, as opposed to simply being yet another ‘blog’. As with most projects, focus’ change and in 2019 the author behind DDL decided it was time to dedicate serious effort in trying to push out what he was doing.

It was time to re-evaluate and strategise.

What we did:

The base of the DDL site was already in place. The original design was kept purposely simple, drawing down a simple colour and graphic palette from the ID and the DDL content itself; in no way was the site to clash or detract from the content, rather it was a complimenting ‘container’ holding it together.

When it came time to rework then site then, we already had a solid base to build on and it became a simple matter of creating a strong focus for the content. The aim this time was to enforce the idea that this was an ongoing publication, with regular installments and momentum behind it.

With a new emphasis placed on the home page, reducing the content to only the latest installments, combined with a strong visual presence that is so much a part of the story arc itself, we gave DDL a definitive focus and look. We then made a slight tweak to the content within, adding extra structure to the story presentations, as well as the the body text itself – to nail readability online, there is a formula to work to, so we made sure our already good practices in this area were 110%.


One of the key elements to the original DDL site was the ability to self manage content. With no experience in websites or content publishing, Pixelated Commerce had to ensure that the site structure was such that publishing new installments was 100% ‘plug’n’play’.

From high quality image compression to aid in site speed, restructuring templates, through to keeping content creation at the most basic level, the DDL site was designed to ensure the process was as simple as possible. When tied with our Supported Hosting, the DDL site is the closest thing we could create to being hands free!


a.ka. What do you do when a site has zero SEO value?

The challenge with DDL is when weighed up against the most basic of SEO scales, it has zero value.! As the content is a story arc, with focus on nothing other than on telling its own story, the content does not, nor will ever, have organic SEO value – the pages will never materialise in organic searches unless someone is actually looking for it directly.

Pixelated Commerce has been working with DDL to develop a strategy that will aid in indirect organic SEO, including developing alternative onsite content, that will remain ‘behind closed doors’ to a regular visitor as well as using various social media platforms that take advantage of the visual media already being created to drive traffic to the site.


Through a thoughtful redesign, that delivers a balanced online reading experience, and development of an ongoing online strategy, Daydream Legion now has a considered online platform through which the project can be pushed forward into 2019 and beyond.

Pixelated Commerce