Case Study: An interesting backstory

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Sometime the most interesting projects are not those that are not the largest, the most involved, or even the most expensive. Sometime they are simply the ones with an interesting backstory., came to Pixelated Commerce after having been ‘misled’ but an off shoring company posing as a local business. After three months of asking for more money and not delivering on what they promised – a 7-10 day completion time, USAEminent did some investigating and discovered that the business address as listed was fake and in fact the entire operation was being run ‘off shore’.

So three months down, quite a bit out of pocket and with nothing to show for it, something needed to happen.

What we did: is not a complex site, far from it. With handful of products, a strong message to the leaders of the country, and a simple idea to spread the message, Pixelated Commerce  decided that the idea of less is more would be the best approach to help USAEminent to connect with its audience.

Through the use of simple and bold images, strong messaging and a simple flow through to the product offerings, USAEminent was able to be launched online within a week. What’s more, as the budget was now tight, our simple payment system meant they could get the website and support they needed, without over stretching.


By their own admission USA Eminent were not tech savvy, in any way. With this in mind, we fully customised the WordPress administration section of their WordPress installation to include only the key shop elements they wanted and removed the rest; as Pixelated Commerce provides full core maintenance and USA Eminent would engage us to do any further updates, providing a simplified customised interface was an easy solution.

We then backed this up with simple documentation within a custom dashboard on how to best manage their store, as well as offered ongoing support until they were comfortably up and running; with over 20 years of managing online sales, we know a thing or two about managing ecommerce stores!


After three months of being misled, with no end in sight, Pixelated Commerce had online and selling within seven working days. From site build through to stock and inventory seeding.

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