Case Study: Location location!

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Question: What looks like an App. Behaves like and App. But is not an App?

Answer: A website!

When the idea of came to us, it was one of those head slap moments where we all thought, why hasn’t this been done before?

The idea was simple: a website that allowed people to go and post a map location perfect for taking a picture of their bike… because all cyclists like taking pictures of their bikes! The catch was that the site needed to look like and behave like a phone app, without the budget for an app.

Could it be done?

What we did:

After an initial round of research, both in terms of the best way to achieve the technical aspects and UX aspects, we forged ahead and designed a site that while visually looking like an app, it is in fact fully powered by the WordPress platform.

The focus of the site, a full screen, Google powered map, allows visitors to find and submit locations anywhere in the world. The location system provides visitors with all the information they need in order to find the exact spot. Vitally, an approval system means that all submissions can be edited prior to going live; essential as the site does not demand user registration.

Outcome: soft launched at the start of 2020 and has been gaining momentum with cyclists around the world.

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