When it comes to search engines...
Content is king!

Even today, in the world of social media and Youtube, the number one rule for ranking in the SEO game is content.

Google still classes fresh site content as one of its highest priorities for ranking a site.

Not only that, well structured and written content helps you create authority, create a deep level website and engage site visitors by giving them something useful, which aids in creating a higher return rate.

Content Writing & Creation Services

We have been writing content for web publishing since 2000, when we started one of Australia's first online resources for the mountain bike sector, publishing news, reviews and general interest articles.

Since then, we have gone on to write all manner of things that span a wide breadth of topics and interests; you could say we enjoy putting words on the screen.

Today, Pixelated Commerce offers freelance content writing and creation services for clients to 'publish' to their own websites.

How does it work?

We write articles based on the topic of your choice. If you are not certain, get in touch and we can discuss ideas based on your aims, but generally, an article should be centred around your business and aim to 'educate' the reader about an aspect of your service or product.

Once you place your order, we get to work, running research and crafting your article. In general, we will work to tick all the SEO boxes in terms of keywords, headings and length - which is why our shortest article is 500 words in length; Google expects content to be at least 3-400 words in length to be regarded. Where possible, we like to cite references and include relevant quotes, which aid in giving credibility.

When we have finished your article, we will forward a non-editable copy for your approval and make any changes you think may be appropriate. On sign-off, we will forward the article back to you in Word format, or we can post it directly to your site if you prefer. Your article will also be supplied with an image to be used in conjunction with the article.

You will be free to use the article in any manner you feel fit, though we retain the right to use what we have written for our own promotional purposes.

You can read an article we have written here.

What should you think about?

In general, we ask you to think about the aim of the article and the length. We suggest for simple conversational, or 'points based' articles, the 500 word format is ideal, as they are short and easy to read.

If though you want to create an 'authority', then the 1000 word format is a far better choice. 'Authority' articles allow you to present a solid body of interest to a reader, helping educate them about yourself or your product at a deeper level.

Longform articles are generally statement pieces and can run into the 2-3000 word mark and include multiple images and the like. While not appropriate for all businesses, when Longform is a match, it is unequalled in terms of adding authority to a website, as well as having unrivalled SEO strength.

How much does it cost?


A 500 word article with an image costs $150.

A 1000 word 'authority' article with an image costs $290.

Longform content is quoted per job.

Pixelated Commerce