Fast Shop

Selling online is easy...

Doing it professionally, cost effectively and quickly is a very different story.

We have been working in the SME e-commerce area since 1999, so you could say we have learnt a few tricks along the way!

What is it?

'Fast Shop' is about putting your product line online - fast.

Using the powerful combination of WordPress, which powers an estimated 30% of websites globally, Woocommerce, and Stripe payments, Fast Shop is a professional, cost effective, long term solution for selling online, with almost infinite scaling abilities.

As with our Business Basics package, Fast Shop is an all inclusive service, providing design, hosting and core site maintenance for a year; the only thing you have to worry about is what you are going to sell on your site! And to ease your cash flow, you can opt to pay one simple monthly cost on a 12 month contract, billed to your nominated card automatically.

To get started, all you need to do is tell us what you need, what resources you have (text, images etc.) and if needed, we help you fill in the blanks. We will also set up several starter products for you, so you can see how it's done, and give you a full training session on how to run your store.

Need help understanding how to plan? Our website design guide can help.


Want more?

Need to expand your site? Maybe add a blog? We have you covered in terms that are easy to understand...

At any time, if you would like us to add additional pages of features to your site (rather than do it yourself), all you have to do is contact us and let us know what you are thinking, we will then let you know which Support Pack to purchase and we will make it happen; it's that simple!


Have questions? Have a look at our FAQ for answers to common questions.


Fast Shop includes:

  • Design and build cost spread out over 12 months.
  • Website includes all essential elements:
    • Mobile responsive.
    • GDPR compliance.
    • Contact forms.
    • Privacy + T&C pages.
    • Content pages.
    • Shop product categories.
    • Product pages.
    • E-comm basic elements such 'Recently Viewed Products' etc.
  • Self Administration - you don’t have to ask us to change text or images!
  • Full technical maintenance - you don’t have to worry about a thing!
  • Hosting on a Litespeed server.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Industry leading site framework based on WordPress. + Woocommerce.
  • Over $1000/yr in commercial site extensions included.
  • Best practice security and anti site bot measures.
  • Website built and tested for speed.
  • Inbuilt Google Analytics reporting.
  • Full SEO integration.
  • A fully scaleable e-commerce solution.
  • Up to 10 SMTP email accounts.
  • Built in industry leading image compression for high speed site downloads.

$100 per month for 12 months*,
then only $25/mth for fully supported hosting.


*When paid annually. $110/month when billed monthly.

The difference is in the details...

Are you wondering what the difference is between a Pixelated Commerce
website and our competition's?

Host your own domain name? Included Costs additional Included
Email Included No Included - DIY setup
SSL Certificate? Included Included No - Additional cost
Website design & build? We hand craft your
website for you†
DIY build
Premium & free template sites only
DIY build
(3 page DIY template site provided)
Core Site Maintenance? Included No No
Personal support? Yes (Sydney based) No Email + offshore phone for hosting only issues.
E-commerce package? Yes - Fast Shop Basic tools
PayPal payments only
Site advice/tuneup/fine tuning? Included No No
I broke it, can you fix it? Yes - with a Support Pack No No
Automatic data backup? Included DIY DIY
Premium level site functionality*? Included No No
Site ownership? Yes
After 12 month contract
You own only the content
You design and build your site
Optimised Site/Server performance? Yes Yes No

Excluding DIY Site Build package

* Premium level site extensions are commercial WordPress modules that require a yearly license to be paid in order to keep them updated and supported.


Operational costs and flexibility

Over the years we have investigated AND used other systems to sell goods. In the end, we found that the WordPress + Woocommerce system offered not only complete freedom and ownership over our stores but also were the most cost effective over a 12 month period.

Here is a brief overview of 'Fast Shop' vs. the alternatives most clients consider.

Fast Shop $100/mth for 12 mths
then $25/mth inc. site + tech support.
Yes –
we design and build it for you.
Yes. Yes. Move server, agency or DIY. It's your website and your content. Yes. Change any aspect or detail of your online operation, when you want.
Shopify % of revenue
+ subscription starting at US$29/month.
DIY templates.
Yes. No.
Locked into Shopify.
Limited control.
Etsy 5% transaction fee
+$0.22/mth/product for listings.
No design option with std. Etsy store.
Locked into Etsy.
No. No.
'Personal' website additional $
BigCommerce Starting @ US$29.95/mth. No.
DIY templates.
No. No.
Locked into BigCommerce.
Limited control.
Squarespace Starting @ US$40/mth, billed annually. No.
DIY templates.
No. No.
Locked into Squarespace.
Limited control.

Getting started is simple!

If you're ready to get your business online, contact us by using the email form or calling on 02 8012 1195 to get the ball rolling. We will go over any questions you may have, as well as discuss your specific needs, ensuring we deliver the best solution for you.

Once signed up, we will give you a comprehensive guide to help you put everything you will need together, ensuring the whole process is as simple as possible.

$100 per month for 12 months, then only $25/mth for fully supported hosting.

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