Today, your visitor's privacy matters

In today's world, online privacy matters, and that includes for your site visitors as well.

Many site owners and developers are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the amount and depth of data being collected through the use of the big G's Analytics or 360 programs; some of which has little or no use to a large majority of website owners. The fact that this data is collected and stored by the big G, is one of the main triggers to the EU's GDPR privacy rules.

What do we offer?

While Pixelated Commerce offers full Google Analytics integration, in response to the needs for a privacy orientated analytics solution we also offer Matomo. Matomo is an analytics suite used by the likes of NASA, United Nations, Amnesty International, Red Bull, the European Commission and many more spread over 190 countries.

You can learn more about Matomo and its privacy first analytics here


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