Our Work

Websites are living things.

Every website evolves over time, small and large changes are made, some you never notice, some are as plain as day. Some change once every two years and others every two months. And some die, sometimes replaced with something new, other times never to be seen again.

We are updating this section, but for now you can read two case studies on sites we have worked on... because there's more to every site than you ever realise.

Case Studies

Looking at a website often tells only a small part of the large story behind it.


Our case studies are about explaining the story behind the websites we do, helping illustrate that often, there is a lot more to a website than just something that looks nice.

Pixelated Commerce case study - BOGear

Case Study: A client that knows what they want

As professional designers, and having built their previous website, the crew at BOGear knew what they wanted from their next website.


Case Study: A left field website

Every once in a while a project comes along that is totally left field, defying all the rules of what you should do with a website. UK based Day Dream Legion was one such project.

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