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DIY and fully managed WordPress website hosting

Pixelated Commerce has worked with ‘server farms’ around the globe, both for ourselves and our clients. We know all too well that hosting can make or break a website, regardless of how well it’s designed.


Apart from Pixelated Commerce's website clients, we offer hosting to select clients with existing sites that use the WordPress system. Strict site auditing prior to deployment ensures all sites we host are optimised for best practice and tuned to be 100% secure. This not only means we have a ‘safe’ hosting environment but also one where no single site adversely affects the performance of others, as so often is the case with many hosts.

With servers monitored 7 days a week and always up to date with the latest security best practices, our hosting is a hand tailored affair.


Unlimited storage – We do not set storage quotas on your hosting. If by some chance you do start storing a more than ‘normal’ amount of data (usually in excess of 100 Gb), we will let you know and discuss the options - it’s usually as simple as checking your files or adding a Storage Pack to your plan.

Unlimited bandwidth – We do not throttle bandwidth, ever. It’s our job to ensure the service we deliver, delivers. If we find your site is exceeding what we deem ‘normal’ bandwidth usage, we will contact you and look at the options - it’s usually as simple as adding a Data Pack to your plan.

Litespeed Server

Our servers are optimised with Litespeed. What does that mean? Simply, Litespeed servers can outperform the standard Apache set up used by most WordPress sites by up to 90%.

DIY Package

$20/month or $216/year

You like to maintain things...

We set you up, making sure everything is best practice as well as ensure you meet all our security requirements. You then take over and maintain your own site fully.

If you get really stuck, help is a Support Pack away!

Fully Managed

$25/month or $276/year

The absolute zero worry package.

Website hosting PLUS we maintain the core of your WordPress website, making sure it's secure and all plugins always up to date.

We also perform regular security and performance checks to ensure your site is running at peak performance. All you have to do is... keep your content current!

Our monthly email reports then give you added peace of mind knowing that we are doing our job!



DIY $23/mth or $240/yr

Supported $28/mth or $300/yr

Keeping your shop running.

Available as DIY or Supported, with all the same features as our standard packages.


The difference is in the details...

What's the difference of Pixelated Commerce's hosting?

SSL Certificate? Included Costs additional
Core Site Maintenance? Yes - Suppoted Hosting No
Personal support? Yes (Sydney based) Depends on provider
Site advice/tuneup/fine tuning? Included No
I broke it my site, can you fix it? Yes - with a Support Pack No
Automatic data backup? Included DIY
Premium level site functionality*? Included No
Best practice site security? Yes DIY
Optimised Site/Server performance? Yes No
Litespeed server? Yes No

Excluding DIY Site Build package

* Premium level site extensions are modules that require a yearly license to be paid to keep them updated and supported.

Getting started is simple!

If you're ready to get your business online, contact us by using the email form or calling on 02 8012 1195 to get the ball rolling. We will go over any questions you may have, as well as discuss your specific needs, ensuring we deliver the best solution for you.

Once signed up, we will give you a comprehensive guide to help you put everything you will need together, ensuring the whole process is as simple as possible.

Select your hosting plan...

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