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Case Study: Location location!

Sometime the most interesting projects are not those that are not the largest, the most involved, or even the most expensive. Sometime they are simply the ones with an interesting backstory.

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Websites? What are you really getting?

Website? What are you getting?

Through the almost ubiquitous employ of backbones such as Wordpress, a dearth of out of the box add-on solutions have sprung up that all but remove what were once laborious jobs. As a result, sites are now faster and cheaper to build, and any Tom Dick or Harry thinks they can build a site.

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Offshoring, crowd sourcing and the unspoken cost folly

Be it for a website, documentation, coding or any number of things, the rise of the ‘crowd source economy’ and the easily accessible online marketplace’s where it ultimately about the cheapest quote, has changed they way many businesses think about sourcing skills for project work.

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