WordPress Management

When you don't have the time

Have a WordPress site but have a hard time keeping on top of it?


WordPress is a fantastic platform, capable of doing just about anything you want. We know though for many, keeping on top of the updates, security and various other aspects can be a lot of work; we have taken over sites that have become so out of date they are regarded as unsecure!

For only $15 a month*, Pixelated Commerce offers a comprehensive WordPress management service for clients not hosted on our servers.

What does this mean?

  • We ensure your WordPress website core is always upto date.
  • We keep all your plugins current.**
  • We monitor site's up-time.
  • We perform regular security and vulnerability scans.

As part of our service, we also undertake an initial site speed and security audit to identify any aspects that may be problematic to the long term welfare of your site.

And so you know the job is being down, you receive monthly update newsletters outlining the tasks undertaken during the month.

*When paid annually. Monthly subscription - $18/mth.

**Please note: We do not offer support for any custom plugins being used on your website.

And if you need more?

If we identify an issue, or if you need help with an aspect of your website, being a Pixelated Commerce client we are just a Support Pack away!


Get supported today for only $15 a month!

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